On board of the FAST BOAT SEA ADVENTURE, we will take the cape seawards to meet the pelagic species, Dolphins, Whales, Black Whales, Pilot Whales, turtles , moon fishes, tunas, sea birds and much more… in the greatest respect for nature.

SEA ADVENTURE is part of a sustainable approach, respect and protection of the pelagic fauna.

Watching, Sharing, Protecting, passing on this legacy to our children is of everyone’s responsibility.

An Adventure in a natural environment, far, very far away from wildlife parks. The emotion coming from the encounter with our friends cetaceans is a privilege that remains in our memories as a unique and exaltant moment.




Meeting at 8:30 am or 1:30pm at  Brusc harbor

Departure at 8:30am or 1:30pm

Whale watching

Arrival at Brusc harbor 12:00 pm or 5:00pm



Advance bookings are scheduled on a week period from Saturday to Saturday. Depending on the weather forecast, the date and time of departure will be confirmed to you by email or by telephone.

For other bookings (24 hours before departure) Contact us at (+33) or by Email: michael@sea-adventure.net

Please note that the advanced bookings scheduled for the week period, have priority over the others.

Travel insurance  at your own choice  ( it shall be subscribed the day of the booking).






  1. Pieter Lammers

    1-5-2022 we booked this trip with Michael. Communication by WhatsApp was quick. We were with small kids and even though the sea was a little bumpy the boat sailed smoothly and easy. We felt safe whilst the boat was equipped with two rather new powerful outboards and Michael being a pro. With a cruising speed of 40 km/h we sailed 50 km offshore and found a small group of dolphins. Michael does really respect the dolphins and doesn’t chase them. The dolphins chose to stick around with us and after 10-15 min decided to leave. So beautiful and calm.
    Thank you Michael for this experience. Next time we will definitely book again and hope to see more dolphins and hopefully whales.

    Fam Lammers, Harderwijk Netherlands.

  2. Delphine Séguineau

    Une véritable expérience avec des infos très intéressantes sur les mammifères et sur la protection de l’environnement.
    Du fun avec du fond!

  3. Great trip, highly recommended! A fast boat trip with loads of information from Michael, and we saw dolphins with their babies, two of them came close to play and jump – wonderful experience!

  4. Super! Waren am 9.7.19 mit Michael auf dem Meer, haben drei grosse Delfinschulen gesehen und einen Mondfisch, super cool! Michael war sehr um unser Wohl bemüht und hat seinen Job prima gemacht!

  5. Ingrid van Schaik

    Fantastische excursie. Veel witte en blauwe dolfijnen gezien en aan het einde nog mogen genieten van een grote walvis. Super!! Thanks Michael.

  6. Ulrike Kasischke

    Merci pour la belle excursion avec les dauphins. Il est tré magnifique. Merci, merci son famille Ulrike et Ronald Kasischke.

  7. Super excursion en mer avec un capitaine passionné qui ne regarde pas l’heure tournée. Nous avons croisé deux groupes de dauphins et nous avons eu la chance de voir trois baleines, un moment magique partagé en famille. Je recommande cette balade aux amoureux de la mer, de la nature et des animaux marins. Merci Michael 🙂

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