Your whale-watching operator is certified




What does this certification mean?



The High Quality Whale-Watching certification, recognised by the French Government, distinguishes whale-watching tour operators involved in an environmental excellence approach in the Mediterranean Sea:



  • Respectful approaches of cetaceans
  • Naturalist trips and quality information
  • Involvement in research programmes
  • Trained crew
  • Waste sorting on-board


How to approach?






  • Swim-with-cetaceans is prohibited
  • Aerial detection is prohibited
  • Duration of observation is limited to 15 to 30 minutes
  • Approach is limited in the presence of newsborns
  • Approach is disrupted if the animals show any disturbance





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The High Quality Whale-Watching certification


is a registred trademark of ACCOBAMS developed jointly with the Pelagos Sanctuaire.


  • Talk to your entourage about the certification.
  • Be well aware that sightings can be rare and brief since insuring the quietness of cetaceans will safeguard their long-term presence in our waters.



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